How to get a Job in Nigeria without Connection - Top 8 tips

Here we will be sharing with you the top 8 tips on How to get a Job in Nigeria without Connection. On the off chance that you are scanning for a vocation, there are things you ought to do and others that you ought to maintain a strategic distance from like a plague. Some do ask why is it difficult to get a job in Nigeria?

Whether or not you are a new alumni going after a position or previously working and looking for a new position in Nigeria, there are sure principles you have to stick to build your odds of being the prime possibility for one of those most recent employment opportunities.

How about we begin. Underneath you'll locate a chapter by chapter guide containing . Don't hesitate to bounce to a particular segment. However, here is How to get a Job in Nigeria without Connection:

1. When to begin searching for work

On the off chance that you are scanning for a new position, holding up till you are jobless before searching for another one is much the same as standing by to lose your employment before grasping the way of life of sparing a lump of your acquiring. It essentially is certifiably not a savvy way to follow.

It is ideal to begin your pursuit of employment while you despite everything have a vocation. Above all else, on the off chance that you in the long run get an offer, it places you in an advantaged position to haggle for a superior pay as your imminent boss realizes that you as of now have a vocation and could turn down their offer in the event that you are not happy with it. It additionally spares you the pressure of sitting at home and getting stressed over to what extent it will take you to find another line of work.

For crisp alumni, we generally exhort that the best time to start scanning for work is the point at which you are in the last lap of school.

Begin conversing with your companions who as of now have occupations and your system of utilized partners. It would shock you that a lot of Nigerian students have low maintenance or all day occupations even while in school. The most recent couple of months of the administration year with the National Youth Service Corps is likewise a decent time to start going after positions particularly openings for section level openings. Recall that NYSC isn't a profession. All things considered, it will reach a conclusion.

2. The sort of occupations to apply for

As a crisp alumni of Theater Arts, does it bode well to go after the job of Head, Internal Audit at Zenith Bank where the base long periods of experience has been set at 7 years or more for candidates? The appropriate response is no and the reasons are glaring. It is an occupation outside your association. Or maybe, while going after positions, go after positions that you realize you have a possibility of in any event getting welcomed for a meeting.

You can't continue going after positions that you have no capabilities for and be shocked that you don't have work. For example, in the event that you are an alum of Mass Communication from a Nigerian college, we expect that one of the principal classes on an occupation entrance that you would go after positions would be:

Going after the correct position

3. Focus on your CV

Your CV isn't a joke while scanning for an occupation – A CV is to an occupation searcher what a bolt is to a toxophilite. Without a decent CV, your odds of finding a great job will travel south aside from obviously you're hanging tight for a supernatural occurrence or some help from a rich uncle.

Approach your CV with deference and love; assemble it like a home; guarantee the establishment is strong. Make it minimal. Leave it alone an ideal agent of your work understanding, abilities and accomplishments consistently.

Your CV ought not look a novel (with an excessive number of pages) paying little mind to how long of experience you have or the quantity of associations you have worked with. Consider this tips you ought to follow while composing a CV

4. Characteristics bosses are paying special mind to

Bosses are in the matter of building a brand, fabricating a group that can convey results, can be trusted and can speak to the brand in various limits. It in this way, doesn't come as an unexpected that some enlistment forms are here and there saw as awkward. Sometimes, planned up-and-comers are gotten through test and arrangement of meetings and appraisals.

The final result is to contract the best up-and-comer. We have drawn out top characteristics managers pay special mind to when contracting contender for employment opportunities. Your CV and the meeting are two channels for checking a portion of the characteristics referenced before. Become familiar with characteristics managers pay special mind to.


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5. Why you need an introductory letter

An introductory letter is a stunning method for acquainting yourself with a forthcoming manager and telling them about your abilities and how you can help accomplish their objectives. The following are six awesome tips for composing an introductory letter:

a. Introductory letter isn't an affection letter or a postulation

Keep it short and straight thus, don't circumvent thinking of one like this:

Love letter - Jobberman

This will get you a supper date and not work

b. A Cover letter isn't verse

Recall that an introductory letter isn't verse. Guarantee you have 100% lucidity of psyche and thought.

c. Your introductory letter ought to be without mistakes.

Stacking your introductory letter with blunders resembles getting ready for a 100-meter run at the Olympics and afterward awakening two days to the occasion, getting a stacked gun and getting a shot through your lower leg. Your introductory letter stacked with blunders won't stand an opportunity in the hands of a planned boss.

In any case, since we encourage you to stay away from blunders doesn't mean you should introduce something like this

Awful introductory letter

… Be shrewd; be guided.

d. Stay away from long introductory letters

When in doubt, your introductory letter ought not extend past a page. It makes it simpler for imminent bosses to peruse and furthermore makes the undertaking of checking on your introductory letter simpler.

e. Utilize formal language

Attempting to find a new line of work doesn't mean you ought to get individual with your forthcoming business. The language of your introductory letter must stay formal and expert.

f. Try not to ask for work

It is known as an introductory letter and not a mechanism of indicating how well you can do this:

Asking for a vocation - Jobberman

For all the more astounding tips on the most proficient method to compose a great introductory letter, click here

6. Step by step instructions to plan for interviews

a. Foundation examine on association

Nothing can replace outfitting yourself enough with data about an organization where you are going after a position. You may likewise need to visit the organization's site and internet based life pages to find out about their activities, objectives and other significant subtleties. It's additionally essential to think of inquiries dependent on your exploration

b. Coordinating your capabilities and range of abilities to work necessities

It's an ideal opportunity to look again at the set of working responsibilities, your capability and experience and match these with the necessities of the activity.

This would go far in helping you set up where precisely you may fit into the association.
c. Foresee questions and get ready reactions

Normally, this would be a shrewd activity. It is highly unlikely you can envision a planned manager's inquiries addresses 100% aside from you have an insider who spills it to you yet you ought to do your exploration on the most proficient method to react to that famous inquiry:

The most effective method to respond to the inquiry

The following are a couple of pointers on how you can respond to this inquiry when posed at a prospective employee meeting:

7. Keep your answers succinct and not longer than two minutes.

Feature your accomplishments particularly the ones you are pleased with and convey it in a durable explanation.

Uncover a couple of things that make you stand apart from different candidates.

Try not to respond to this inquiry utilizing a monotone voice – Let your enthusiasm and experience be felt

Let your questioner see how your encounters make you the most ideal possibility for the activity

Record your answer and practice it in the event that you need to

Figure out how to begin with essential data like where you're from and how your encounters have helped shape your profession decisions and choices.

Give an understanding into your instructive foundation; the course you concentrated in the higher establishment and how this identifies with your profession objectives.

Give your questioner access on the point you took a choice on the profession way you picked. Attempt to make an intriguing tale about how you wound up with your present vocation.

Shed light on things that intrigue you and things you are enthusiastic about throughout everyday life. Take a couple of moments to clarify why you think these interests give you an edge above different candidates and how they will be helpful to your forthcoming manager.

d. What to wear and what to dodge

It's a meeting so we anticipate that your dressing and adornments should be formal and expert aside from in situations where a dresscode is plainly spelt out.

e. Snappy tips on what to wear and what to dodge for a meeting

I. No earphones/headphone

While you can utilize them on your way to the meeting. It's ideal to step into the scene of the meeting

ii. No over the top aroma

Obviously it's cool to smell decent yet contingent upon what cologne you're wearing and its amount you're wearing, you could leave your questioner pondering:

A lot of aroma

"Wouldn't you be able to smell yourself? Your aroma is murdering me." Hope you get the message?

iii. Try not to wear obsolete garments and shoes

Regardless of how stuck on vintage design, don't wear old fashioned garments and shoes. They look great yet not proper for a meeting except for interviews where this is explicitly explained.

iv. Try not to be over the top

Continuously endeavor not to over dazzle as this could pivot to frequent you.

For example, you may truly cherish calfskin shoes yet for the wellbeing of God, don't go to a meeting wearing this:

Peculiar shoes - Jobberman 3

v. Maintain a strategic distance from over the top make up

A prospective employee meet-up isn't a runway style appear so keep it straightforward. Attempt to go with an 'ordinary 'formal search for a meeting.

vi. Maintain a strategic distance from cheap ties

It's alright to be imaginative with your ties yet don't get this inventive:

Awful tie 1

vii. Maintain a strategic distance from over the top frill and sunshades

On the off chance that you demand wearing at least one of the frill underneath to a meeting:


To your questioner, you are tantamount to resembling this:

Such a large number of frill

f. Things to take to a meeting

While going for a meeting, you ought to guarantee you have the accompanying:

A definite portrayal to the setting

transport/taxi passage or enough fuel in your vehicle all things considered

Name, assignment and telephone contact of individual to ask after upon appearance

A duplicate of your CV and introductory letter

An utilitarian pen and paper

Least of five inquiries for your questioner

Mental reference of work you've done previously

Drug (In instances of delayed meetings)

Mints (You probably won't have halitosis however you need your breath being spotless when sitting straightforwardly inverse a questioner).

You don't have to pack this a lot to a meeting:

Filled gear 2

… It isn't a get-away

g. Focus on non-verbal signs

If it's not too much trouble be mindful during a meeting. Non-verbal signs says a lot. Notwithstanding being mindful, you should figure out how to oversee responses as outward appearances part with your sentiments.

h. Make sure to catch up with questions

For the individuals who probably won't know, a great deal of meetings end with the questioner inquiring:

Do you have any inquiries

This is a generally excellent time to pose inquiries and you should. Before the meeting, get ready 5 to 6 inquiries to pose to the questioner.

In your inquiries, abstain from requesting data that can be found on the organization's site. For example, you won't look shrewd inquiring:

"What is your

Statement of purpose

A few inquiries you should pose incorporate

As you would like to think, what makes this association an incredible work environment?

What do you think about the most significant criteria for achievement right now?

Inform me concerning the association's way of life.

By what means will my presentation be assessed?

What are the open doors for headway?

What are the subsequent stages in the employing procedure?

8. Step by step instructions to go after positions

You can:

1. Go after positions on the web

There are heaps of sites and employment gateways where you can finish an online request for employment. On such sites, candidates either apply online by means of an occupation board, by means of an expert systems administration webpage like LinkedIn, or apply online legitimately at the organization's site.

There are situations where up-and-comers are required to accept online tests as a component of the application procedure.

2. Go after positions face to face

While going after a position face to face, it's unique in relation to going after a position on the web. It isn't as confused however be set up to be met on the spot.

3. Go after a position by means of E-mail

To go after a position by means of email, it's significant that every one of your interchanges stay proficient; precisely how it would look on the off chance that you were mailing a printed version of your CV.

For the individuals who probably won't know this, you can go after a position inside an organization where you as of now work. Truly you can.

Probably the best spot to search for a new position could be the organization you are working until further notice. Be that as it may, before you apply, be certain that you have the correct capabilities and necessities. The organization won't give you an alternate activity since you applied. In addition, you are burning through your time, and the organization's time, going after positions you're not equipped for.

Why you ought to build up your range of abilities

Despite your job or whether you are scanning for an occupation, there is a need to show signs of improvement at what you do.

To show signs of improvement, learning must occur, which is the reason you should try to enroll for preparing and expert courses either for what you as of now do or another profession way.

Scanning for employments via web-based networking media

Is it conceivable to find a new line of work by means of online networking? The appropriate response is yes. In any case, similar to each other thing, you should search for it.

Scanning for an occupation via web-based networking media

A great deal of associations currently have a functioning on the web nearness by means of their internet based life pages and have been known to post work opportunities on these stages.